Term Limits 

Eight years is good enough for the president and it ought to be good enough for your congressman. Let’s face it: every race needs a finish line, and four terms is the right way to make certain our public servants don’t become career politicians. I have pledged to term limit myself, and I’ll support a Constitutional amendment to make term limits the law of the land, so our land remains governed by regular citizens, not the wealthy and well-connected.


The nightmare that is Obamacare is still the law of the land, and we need to bring it to a merciful end. No one should be able to force citizens into contracts they don’t want, and no law should be passed that only ends up taking away the doctor of your choice while raising rates on insurance that doesn’t meet your needs. The so-called Affordable Health Care Act is neither affordable nor does it deliver real health care. I will not let Congress drop this issue.

Tax Reform




2nd Ammendment 



Right To Life


Border Security





Strong National Defense




Jobs and the Economy





Ethics Reform




President Trump and the conservatives in Congress took a major step toward economic freedom when they passed tax reform. Today, working families will see more in their paychecks and less going to wasteful programs for special interests. It’s a start, but we need to keep working. A simplified tax code and even lower rates will unleash the economic tiger and spur new employment, higher wages, and greater prosperity. I will work hard to keep the momentum going.

 I am a hunter, gun owner, and strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights as a lifetime member of the NRA. I will work in Congress to prevent those who would undermine our rights.

I am pro-life and will work in Congress to protect this precious first right.

There can be no nations without borders. I understand the rich heritage of immigration in America, but also know that what makes America a nation is its laws. That’s why it’s so important that our newest citizens arrive here legally, follow the Constitution, and adhere to our rules. We can’t risk giving up our own tradition as a nation of laws by suspending them. That’s why I favor the kind of border security that will preserve order and allow everybody an equal chance.

The men and women of our armed forces deserve all the support we can give them. The reason we fight wars “over there” is so we don’t have to fight them here at home. An unapologetically strong national defense is the best deterrent to the tyrants and madmen.  As your congressman, I will work to make sure our active duty soldiers are completely funded so they can carry out the dangerous task at hand.  I will make sure our veterans are not forgotten so they can receive effective and timely care long after their active duty ends.

America was founded in the spirit of democratic capitalism: the idea that free markets and free people are integral components of any successful nation. I will fight to halt the job-crushing regulations and overreach of agencies such as the EPA. I’ll challenge the Department of Education’s intrusions into local control of our schools. And I’ll keep a hawk’s eye on the regulatory agencies that too often mistake their whims for Constitutional principles. A government that allows business to grow is the only way to increase employment and raise the standard of living for our working families.

It is time to drain the swamp in Washington. For too long we’ve sent people to DC who have made a career out of it. We should prevent the revolving door between politics and lobbying that is such a corrosive force. I will be a leader in these efforts.

The scourge of opioid addiction has claimed too many lives and torn apart too many families. I support a comprehensive federal approach: funding for treatment, punishment for pushers, and tighter oversight of the manufacturers who have put profits ahead of people. At the same time, I know that the fentanyl and heroin that soon replace prescription drugs, are coming from across our borders, and that fighting opioids means enforcement both in our hometowns and along our borders.