Nothstein to Self-Impose Term Limits, If Elected

If it’s good enough for the President then it’s good enough for Congress.
— Marty Nothstein, Candidate for Republican nomination in PA-15

OREFIELD, Pa- Conservative Republican Marty Nothstein today formally pledged to self-imposed term limits if elected to Congress for Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District.

Nothstein, a small businessman and Lehigh County commissioner, called term limits crucial in the effort to eliminate the problem of government gridlock created by career politicians.

“It's no secret that the longer our elected officials are in office, the more likely they are to become career politicians,” Nothstein said. “Term limits are the first step to getting rid of career politicians in Washington who end up working for big special interests instead of working for those back home. If elected, I promise to term limit myself to no more than 8 years. If it's good enough for the President then it's good enough for Congress.”

Nothstein, a world champion cyclist and two-time Olympic medal winner, has stressed the message of citizen leadership and said it is only possible by a regular change in elected officials.

He cited the current gridlock in Congress as a prime example of the dangers of returning career politicians to office for decades.

“I'm tired of career politicians telling us they are going to do something but then it never getting done,” Nothstein said. “There's no urgency in Congress because they are guaranteed their paycheck whether or not they get anything accomplished. I have lived my entire life setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. I will bring that same drive and determination if given the honor by voters of the 15th district.”

Nothstein said he would also favor and work toward a Constitutional Amendment to create term limits on members of Congress.

Tyler Trumbauer