Nothstein Praises Lawmakers in Tax Code Reform Efforts

OREFIELD, Pa. – Conservative Republican Congressional candidate Marty Nothstein today praised the passage of a sweeping tax code reform that he says respects free markets and proves that conservatives best understand how economies function.

“The current surge in the stock market is perhaps the best measure of how the economy reacts when taxes are brought under control,” Nothstein said.

“When people are entrusted with their own money, and government steps out of the way, the economy grows. It is proof that the conservative agenda understands how markets work for people.”

The Republican-led bill reduces the top tax brackets, expands the personal and family exemption, and simplifies the code in ways that will reduce overall tax burdens across the board, with massive savings for middle class families.

“No piece of legislation is perfect, but the general course charted by Congress this week makes it plain that consumer choice and business investment steer growth. Liberals who oppose this idea would pour more of someone else’s money into a pet project that simply maintains a broken status-quo,” Nothstein said.

In passing this bill, Nothstein added, “Congress has sent a message: America is open for business, and the jobs and growing income that go with it.”

An Olympic Gold medalist, small businessman, and elected Lehigh County Commissioner, Nothstein is seeking the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional District.

Colton Fedell