Nothstein says no to League of Women Voters Invite; Cites group's meddling in Congressional districts

OREFIELD, Pa. -  Republican Congressional candidate Marty Nothstein today said he will not accept an invitation to participate in a debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, saying the organization has become tainted by partisanship.

The League was a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit that resulted in the Democratic-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court redrawing congressional districts in Pennsylvania, throwing the process into confusion while reconfiguring districts to guarantee more Democrats are elected to Congress.

Nothstein has already accepted a debate invitation sponsored by a Republican organization clearly interested in producing the best candidate that the Republican Party can field for this most important office.

Nothstein said he will consider a League invitation to a general election debate, but says the League has no standing to present itself as an objective arbiter in an internal, Republican party nominating primary.

His statement follows:

"I will not be participating in any primary forums or debates sponsored by The League of Women Voters and call on other Republican candidates at all levels to join me in this action.

"The League of Women Voters has become a partisan, liberal organization allied with the interests of the Democratic Party. It's their right to do so. But they have no right to expect Republicans to participate in their forums and help them promote their false narrative on non-partisanship. They should not present themselves as an honest broker for internal, Republican primary debate.

"The League of Women Voters is the chief reason voters around this state face confusion and disenfranchisement in the wake of the Democrat Pennsylvania Supreme Court's redrawing of the congressional map. Tens of thousands of citizens have been cast into districts designed solely to enhance the chances of Democratic Party wins - and it was the League of Women Voters that brought the suit to accomplish this goal.

"They should limit themselves to Democratic debates in the Primary. I am open to an invitation for the general election, but the League will have to provide assurances it will be an impartial forum and not merely a second-act in their lawsuit to redraw congressional boundaries."

Tyler Trumbauer