Nothstein Campaign Releases First TV Spot

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OREFIELD Pa – The Marty for Congress campaign today released its first television ad of the 2018 Congressional Primary, highlighting conservative Republican Marty Nothstein’s record as an Olympic champion, businessman, and tax-cutting county commissioner.

Titled “Meet Marty,” the spot depicts Nothstein in his many roles, as gold medal winning cyclist, farmer, small businessman, and civic leader.

“This spot shows Marty for who he truly is: a conservative leader who shares the commonsense approach to problem-solving that characterizes the people of the 7th Congressional District,” said Nothstein spokesman Dennis Roddy.

The spot will air throughout the district during its first run, Roddy said.

Watch the ad here.


Marty Nothstein:

He won Olympic gold in Sydney.

Started a small business back home.

Farms his own land.

And cut taxes in Lehigh County.

Now Marty Nothstein is running for Congress –

To bring common sense conservatism to government

And fight for our values: Lower Taxes. Secure Borders. Term Limits.

Marty Nothstein – a conservative champion for Congress.

Tyler Trumbauer